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• The CoffeeTour

The main objective of the Coffee Tour is to educate and inform tourists about the process that growing coffee involves. The tour takes you throughout our Doka estate and watermill.

Your tour guides are very knowledgeable and full of information that will make the tour a special learning experience. You will hear about the history of the coffee farm, it's owners, it's geographic location, the traditional coffee growing methods, and also the coffee brewing tradition of 'chorrear'. The tour takes you to Almacigo, your first stop, where the process of growing and producing fine coffee is covered from planting the seed to picking the ripened coffee berries.

From here you will visit the 'recibidor' (coffee bean receiver) where you will be shown the first classification of the coffee beans as well as the different brands that are processed on the estate.

The oldest working water powered mill in the country (beneficio) is the next stop. You will see the peeling machines, how they work and what we do with the coffee bean skins. The fermentation tanks and their importance in the resulting taste of the coffee follows. The bodega is where we store our coffee and where export ready coffee is kept. You will also visit the sun drying patios and the roasting hall where you will see and smell the different roasts we produce.

Once the tour is concluded you can visit the souvenir store which is chalk full of great coffee and Costa Rican crafts perfect for gifts or home decorations.

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The Coffe tour.

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• Aerial Tram & Braulio Carrillo National Park

The Caribbean Rain-Forest Aerial Tram Tour in Braulio Carrillo National Park, San José Costa Rica. Soar above the rainforest's canopy and experience life in the tree-tops. Many of the plants and insects that live here are still unknown to the scientific world. Learn about ecology and why saving the rain-forest is so important for our future.
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Aerial Tram.

• Poas Volcano Tour

The Poás Volcano is one of the world's largest geysers with an awesome crater, over 1.5 km. wide! The volcano is active, but completely safe for viewing. This tour begins with a beautiful drive through the lush coffee plantations and flower farms of the area. In addition to the volcano, the Poás National Park is a 9,884-acre reserve with rich tropical vegetation and animal life. The tour includes a hike through the surrounding forest that is teeming with typical plant life and exotic birds. The hike concludes at a restful, emerald green, tropical lagoon.

Poás Volcano National Park (ONE DAY)
Pick up time:......8:30 a.m. approximately.
Duration:...........5 hour

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Poas Volcano.

• Irazu Volcano Tour

The trip begins ascending the breathtaking summit of the Irazú Volcano for a view of the masive crater. On a clear day you can actually see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans! After an exciting tour at the volcano, we will descend to the historical city of Cartago. Here we will visit the mysterious ruins of the old Parish and view the beautiful Basilica of our "Virgen de los Angeles" with rich displays of carvings, statues and art.
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Irazu Volcano.

• La Paz Water falls Tour

Located about 31 kms North of Alajuela, in Vara blanca right beside the road that leads from the City of Alajuela to the northern plains, the River La Paz forms a waterfall that is 1,380 meters high. The river previously rushes through 8 kms of rugged terrain carrying a torrent of crystal-clear water and then descends through the rainforest of the eastern flank of Poás Volcano. A large spray of water droplets is flung off the craggy peaks around the waterfalls. The drops of water are charged with negative electricity, a kind of energy that reduces the stress of modern live.

The followers of this kind of treatment explain that the solar rays, the rock strata and the vegetation of waterfalls and mountains with fresh air combine to produce a more negative than positive ions and that by remaining in these surroundings, even a few minutes, our bodies and minds are renewed as part of the negative ions released by nature are absorbed.
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La Paz Wterfall.
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